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New Release!

Silver Medal for Composition & Contemporary Classical Music
"New Day Fanfare" 2023


2024 Platinum Winner
LIT Music Awards
Best Classical Music



Based in New Jersey, Eric Klein is an internationally performed composer of concert music and a versatile composer for film and new media.  Equally versed in writing orchestral, chamber and electronic music, he is adept at close collaboration with other musicians and directors.  Eric studied classical guitar and attended the University of Toronto and Royal Conservatory of Music.


Independent Music Awards Winner
Best Contemporary Classical Album 2019


"Klein’s work is smart and sophisticated, accessible even to the untrained ear, and a cool, clever blend of things both old and new...incredible album..."


- Ken Hedgecock, Classical Music Discoveries

"A thoroughly enjoyable album that proves that modern compositions are just as important as some of the classics."

- Darren Rea,

"...carefully put together and skillful in the use of both traditional acoustic instruments and electronic enhancements..."


"...the music here invites the listener into Klein’s unique musical explorations of sound and texture with a variety of unique pieces that are quite engaging.  Klein’s guitar piece is certainly worthy of attention for performers on that instrument."


- Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical

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